St Anne’s, Westby, hosts CAFOD Creation Celebration Mass

CAFOD parish volunteers from St Anne's, Westby, and Holy Family, Freckleton

CAFOD parish volunteers from St Anne’s, Westby, and Holy Family, Freckleton

Pope Francis reminds us that our earth was here before us and it has been given to us freely, not to exploit, but to care for. We need to reimagine our common home – a precious gift given to us by God. Not just for ourselves, but for the world’s poorest people and for those generations still to come. By coming together for a Creation Celebration, we can give thanks for the gift of God’s creation – a gift we are invited to enjoy together.

CAFOD’s new campaign on climate change, Our Common Home, is asking parishes to hold Creation Celebrations this summer and autumn. It’s a great opportunity to bring your parish community together to act on the biggest issue of our time – climate change. We are all part of God’s creation and we are called to care for, protect and restore our common home, the earth.


With this in mind, last Sunday the parish communities of St Anne’s, Westby, and Holy Family, Freckleton, gathered at St Anne’s Catholic Church for their CAFOD Creation Celebration Mass. The CAFOD parish volunteers from both communities organised it and received lots of positive feedback.

Fr Hibbert celebrated the 8.45am Sunday Mass and CAFOD parish volunteer at St Anne’s, Deborah Owen, warmly welcomed everyone. The CAFOD volunteers shared the CAFOD talk after the Gospel, explaining a bit more about why we are gathered for this Creation Celebration. This was followed with reflection music, including a violin solo, whilst symbolic items representing creation were processed and laid in front of the parish creation display on the sanctuary. The young people read the prayers of intercession, adapted specifically with a creation theme.


Responding to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor requires drastic changes. These changes will impact on how we behave as individuals, communities and societies. After the Creation Mass, everyone enjoyed refreshments together, and were asked to sign the CAFOD petition, calling on the Prime Minister to act now to make the transition to net zero; to go further, faster to achieve net zero emissions honestly, transparently and without caveats by 2045. Achieving net zero emissions will limit the worst effects of climate change on our health, homes and communities and people living in poverty around the world.

The Creation Celebration Mass was such a lovely service; a peaceful time to think and reflect about how we can all play a part in helping save and protect God’s wonderful creation – a great opportunity to rewrite the future of our common home.

“Creation is of the order of love. God’s love is the fundamental moving force in all created things” Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ #77

Thank you to the CAFOD parish volunteers of St Anne’s, Westby and Holy Family, Freckleton for organising this wonderful celebration of creation.

If you would like to arrange a Creation Celebration in your parish, please see our Creation Celebration Organisers’ Guide and follow the 3 steps.  For more information contact either Patrick Gardner or Stephen Garsed at CAFOD Lancaster Volunteer Centre in Preston on 01772 733310 or email either or
















Fylde parish community comes together to act on climate change

Emily McIndoe, CAFOD volunteer and parishioner at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Lytham, writes about her parish’s involvement in CAFOD’s climate change campaign, Our Common Home, at Lytham Club Day on Saturday 22 June…..

The day went really well. We had a lot of positive reactions from bystanders to the fact that we were addressing the issue of climate change. It was quite heartening that several groups involved in Lytham Club Day addressed the issue, not just ourselves. In the weeks before Club Day, we invited parishioners to make pledges to do more to protect the environment, which we then made into a poster that is going to be put up in the Parish Hall. During the walk we gave out green heart stickers and we all had climate themed banners. The weather was wonderful and all the team were very enthusiastic throughout the route of the walk. St Peter’s Primary School were also involved with each class making a climate change themed banner, and they were all given ‘Zero Hero’ stickers.

St Peter's parish, gather for Lytham Club Day

St Peter’s parish, gather for Lytham Club Day

I gave Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, a green heart sticker which he put on. He was enthusiastic to meet with us and talk about the Lobby and climate change.  Mark Menzies MP said, “As a Member of the International Development Select Committee, I have visited communities whose lives are being impacted as a result of climate change. I am determined to do all I can to ensure that issues such as the environment and climate change are acted on by the international community.”


Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, with Chris McIndoe, CAFOD parish volunteer at St Peter’s, Lytham

St Peter’s parish have also written to Mark Menzies MP to ask his opinion on climate change using the three prompt questions given out to CAFOD campaigners for the lobby. The letter was signed by 17 people including Fr David Burns, Parish Priest. We also included green heart pledges from members of the parish and the children’s liturgy group to challenge themselves to take care of the environment. I spoke to Mark about this at the lobby and he has since responded to our parish letter with his own green heart pledge to reduce his plastic waste.

Throughout June, I have been campaigning with members of St Peter’s Lytham and CAFOD Lancaster to raise awareness about climate change in Lytham, and to lobby our MP, Mark Menzies, to commit to making the UK a world leader in climate action. During both our meetings, Mark has been vocal of his support for climate action, which is incredibly encouraging. What we need now is for this to translate into real government policy and we hope that his stated support is reflected in his voting record on climate policies from now on. 

Overall it was a great start to our parish’s participation in Our Common Home and will hopefully lead the way into the parish thinking more about climate change and how we can take action to be more environmentally friendly. 

Our Common Home: climate campaign launch in Lancaster Diocese


“Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us”  (Pope Francis).

Climate change affects our health, our homes, our health, our heritage and our beautiful landscapes. Our community centres where we meet, our sports fields where we play and our places of pilgrimage where we reflect and pray. Climate change ruins the work we do to fight poverty and to lead better lives.

We have already made huge progress on climate change and scientists know more than they ever have. But things are urgent now. Climate change affects living creatures and the beautiful world that God has created. So, as Christians, we have a part to play in the response.

CAFOD has launched a new climate campaign, Our Common Home, and is asking every parish to hold a Creation Mass to celebrate our beautiful world so that we might take care for it in a better way.

A Creation Celebration is a great opportunity to bring your parish or community together to act on the biggest issue of our time – climate change. We are all part of God’s creation and we are called to care for, protect and restore our common home, the earth.

By organising a Creation Celebration, you will be joining a global Catholic family, campaigning for change. We have inspiring stories of climate campaigners from all over the world in our Organisers’ Guide. You may like to share these stories to motivate others to join our campaign in your parish or community.


In Lancaster Diocese we will be launching our new campaign, Our Common Home, with Creation Masses at Our Lady & St Edward’s parish in Preston, over the weekend of 18th and 19th May.

We will be joined by Sarah Croft, CAFOD’s Campaigns Manager from Romero House in London and Agnes Kalekye Kithikii, CAFOD Programme Manager from Eritrea.

Come and join us at: Our Lady & St Edward’s Catholic Church,  4 Malborough Drive, Preston, PR2 9UE,  and see how you could run the new campaign in your parish by celebrating a Creation Mass.

After each Mass that weekend, we will have a time of sharing in the Parish Centre. All events are free and suitable for all ages. 

After the 6.00pm Saturday Vigil Mass: Jacob’s Join and CAFOD Quiz (7.00pm meal for 7.30pm quiz)

After the 8.30am Sunday Mass: Parish Breakfast – with some extras…

After the the 10.30am Sunday Mass: Coffee and “Bring a sandwich for your Brunch”

2018-11-10 #2

Our Lady & St Edward’s Parish CAFOD Group

A Creation Celebration is a chance to celebrate, to talk and to act. We will have a chance to share our own ideas of what we all can do to take better care of Our Common Home.

Pope Francis tells us that “nature is a magnificent book given to us that we might know our creator”. If we are to protect it, we must first value and cherish it

Get involved in the Our Common Home campaign today. Download our resources here, or order our resources from the CAFOD shop.