Fairtrade First in Blackpool

The students of the ACTIVATE group celebrate their Fairtrade achievement

The students of the ACTIVATE group celebrate their Fairtrade achievement

Congratulations to St. Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool – now a FAIRTRADE College – the first in Blackpool!

The student Faith and Justice group, ACTIVATE have been working hard over the past year putting together a bid for St. Mary’s to be a Fairtrade school.  And with the support of staff and governors the bid was successful.

“As a Fairtrade school we are all working together to make the world we live in a fairer place,” said Marie Higgins, lay chaplain at the school. “We are selling all kinds of Fairtrade goodies to staff and pupils like chocolate, sweets, tea and coffee.”

” The ACTIVATE group has worked hard to achieve this for the school.  Fairtrade is something we can all support.  The choices we make here in Blackpool have an effect on our sisters and brothers overseas and it’s so good to see a whole school connecting to that idea in a postive way.” remarked Rosa Trelfa, CAFOD’s Diocesan Manager for Lancaster.  “It’s a simple and practical way of putting our faith into action. I salute the commitment and energy of the young people of the ACTIVATE group. I think they’re great!”

Themed assemblies, liturgies and even Fairtrade cotton-made P.E. kits are just some of the ways the school is embracing Fairtrade at St. Mary’s.

Well done ACTIVATE and St. Mary’s for being Fairtrade!

Find out how YOU could become a Fairtrade school, parish, or town

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