Kenya and East Africa Crisis

Supporting communities facing recurring drought in Marsabit, Kenya [CAFOD]We are appealing for £1 million to support our partners who are helping as around 3.8 million people battle against drought in north-east Kenya and the surrounding region

Throughout large parts of the country, families face the prospect of starvation as the persistent drought claims crops and animals.

We have already pledged £250,000 to our partners, who report that people are barely surviving as herds of animals die from exhaustion and thirst.

The skinny animals which are left are too weak to milk leaving families hungry and suffering without their main supply of food.

The animals are also in too poor a condition to sell and their prices at market have nosedived with reports of cows being sold for as little as 500 Kenyan shillings (£5).

Meanwhile, the price of basic food has skyrocketed, due to a combination of drought and the world economic downturn.

Please support our Kenya and East Africa Crisis Appeal

Latest updates on how we are helping

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