This is Lagos!


Chris and Lou teaching a class at the high school at Ajegunle in Lagos

Greetings from a HOT and very sunny Sunday afternoon in Nigeria. As we write this we can hear the call to prayer from the mosque across the road and the roar of traffic. We’ve been here now for just under 24 hours and it’s time to start the blog!

 This morning at Mass we were told we were stood out at the airport, not because we were the only white people, but because we were the only ones who carried rucksacks. Suitcases are definitely the norm in Nigeria, and lots of them too. We’re guessing at 3 suitcases per person on each flight. This meant a lot of standing around watching bags pass by on the baggage carousel.

 Straight away we were into African life as Helen shared some jokey moments at the airport with a Nigerian officer carrying a machine gun, and then some illegal parking by our driver, not to worry though, thanks to Sister Pauline, as she had the men with guns in the palms of her hands, simply because she is a Holy Sister.

 The convent where we are staying is amazing, especially when the electricity is on, providing us with air conditioning. The Sisters have been very welcoming, as has everyone we have met so far. We may have also inadvertently joined the music group at church. After lunch we were given a mini tour of the upper regions of the convent, including the rooftop with the most incredible views of the Nigerian landscape.

Looking forward to going into Ajegunle tomorrow to get an initial first look at the projects that the Sisters are involved in here.

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