Lagos is very very hot!

The amazing work of the community, the friendly sisters,  the experience of the gecko scuttling over Lou’s foot, the intense heat, the ‘fab’ music practice for mass – these are glimpses of life in Lagos.  The latest news from Chris and Lou came through today.  It’s good to hear from them. They’re clearly loving being out in Nigeria, and life is very different.

This is what they have to say…..

End of Week One


Louise in full swing with the staff and children at the primary school

We can hardly been here a week already, it yet it seems like we’ve been here for years. As we sit down with a celebratory beer it seems hard to believe we were in the UK this time last week.

We’ve spent most of our week in the Ajegunle project, in one of the poorest areas of Lagos, trying to get to grips with some of the amazing work the community does there. It’s been really interesting finding out some of the expectations the staff of Ajegunle have of us. For them the concept of non-teachers coming to a school in Nigeria is pretty hard to understand. So much so, that they were convinced Chris was a music teacher and Louise was a PE teacher. For those of you who know us, you’ll understand why this is so hard to believe.

Over the week we’ve been able to visit the High School, Primary and Nursery schools, Clinic and Women’s Training Centre. Highlights for us have definitely been teaching JS2 music – including a rousing rendition of heads shoulders knees and toes – and observing a home economics lesson on the nose. 

 Today we’ve got stuck in at the primary school helping out with PE which the whole of the school do together. From 2 years old to 10 years old, quite a challenge. We very quickly became magnets for lots and lots and lots of children all eager to hold parts of our arms or legs they could reach.


Chris being an aeroplane with the children as they sing the aeroplane song!

Teaching here is very different to the UK, mainly because they don’t have the resources. The lessons are based on the children calling back to the teacher words and repeating phrases. Our style must seem a little crazy to them although they’ve coped well with us so far.

4 thoughts on “Lagos is very very hot!

  1. Hi Lou, Chris and Helen! Fantastic to hear you this morning Lou on BBC Radio Lancashire. Your enthusiasm came across loud and clear as Joe Wilson struggled to get a word in!!

    Interesting to hear about the rug-making the women were teaching you in the centre at Ajegunle. Hope you were good students. But listening to you this morning it sounds as if you’re learning far more than rug-making.

    Please pass on our sincere thanks to our partners and to the Holy Child Sisters for all they do, and for looking after you in Lagos, and assure them of our thoughts and prayers. It’s humbling to know we’re in some way a small part of this bigger picture and it’s brilliant to be hearing about it through your experience.

    Take care. xxx

    To hear Lou on BBC Radio Lancashire go to Her talk is about 1’50” into the programme.

  2. Hi Louise, Chris and Helen! Great to read you’ve arrived safely and have gotten stuck in! Can’t believe you’ve been away a week yet either! We’re all thinking and praying for you, and hope you’re having a really great time. Will keep checking this blog to hear your amazing stories!

    Take care and God bless,
    Michael xx

  3. Hi Chris and Louise,
    It looks like you are certainly making your mark and that the children are enjoying you being there.
    Everyone here sends their love and prayers. Lou, don’t forget the Peanut pics for Lizzie!!

  4. Wow, I’m dying for a rendition of the aeroplane song when you’re back! Looks like you’re having fun with the children and doing stuff you’d never get a chance to do at home.

    Thinking of you guys all the time (thanks to texting and facebook), so stay safe and keep blogging!


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