Crazy Lagos traffic

This latest blog came through late on Monday 9th November, written the day before, on Sunday.  This one’s from Chris:

We are keeping busy busy busy! And here is another blog for you……. (It rained today just to make you feel a bit better….)

Life in Nigeria and all that Jazz

Yesterday we furthered our high flying musical careers by joining the parish music group. Practice was scheduled in the American International School, which feels like you’ve entered another world as soon as you swipe through the security gates.


Preparing for Mass on Sunday

Our guide, driver and musical director Fr Jerry (who coincidently makes our top 10 clergy of all time!)  was weaving through the crazy Lagos traffic when we were pulled over by a police officer.  Apparently we hadn’t ‘trafficated’, which we can only assume means indicated. We’ve been here for a week, and haven’t seen one car indicate yet. Read from this what you will, but we were the only car full of white people stopped and luckily soon let on our way.

We’re starting to acclimatise now and can manage for a good half an hour without air conditioning.  Result!  We now always remember to pray for NEPA, the national electricity provider, at Mass.

Lou cam start to 5.11.09 031 a

Tea time in Lagos

Jamie Oliver and the cult of celebrity chefs have not made it to Nigeria yet. That’s not to say the food is bad, but that we’re a world away from Sainsbury’s here. The African take on Western cuisine is certainly interesting and has included corned beef spaghetti and hotdogs wrapped in pancakes. We’ve been able to try some Nigerian food also including Plantain both ripened and unripened, rice with fish and chicken and the drink Malta to name but a few.

This week Sr Ijoma has promised to take us to the market so watch this space for further updates.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Lagos traffic

  1. Mmmm your meals certainly sound interesting – nothing like a bit of corned beef spahetti to get the taste buds going! Funny what you miss when you can’t have it, though, isn’t it? Like mature cheddar or a temperate climate.

    I look forward to hearing about the other nine priests on your top ten list.

    You’ll be pleased/gutted to know that it’s gone cold here now, so it’s hats and scarves time at last (can you even remember what it feels like to be cold?). And Lucie went out of the X Factor on Saturday but Jedward are still in.

    Bye for now

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