Falling in love with Lagos

Sunrise in Lagos

Sunrise in Lagos

Lagos is rarely described as beautiful but the two times when you can say this is at sunset and sunrise. Driving out to Abeokuta yesterday at 7am we passed fishermen putting out to sea against the backdrop of the sun rising over skyscrapers and slums. It was breathtaking, Lagos was beautiful!

It’s hard to capture our time out here in this blog because we are so busy, so many people are involved in our time here and we want to give you all an accurate picture and at the same time not portray things falsely. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t struggled with some of the things we’ve seen and heard but we also know we’re from very a different culture.

So, Abeokuta is where the Sisters run their integrated agricultural project. That’ll be a farm to you and me. We were given a tour of the farm, visiting the snailery, goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys and cat fish as well as plenty of fruit and vegetable patches.

piggy a

Piggies in Abeokuta

It’s clear to see the hard work people put in here and the pride they take from it. Helen has even had a piglet named after her, it’s nearly as cute as the real life Helen!  After a set back last year, in which they lost most of the pigs to disease, the farm is currently in a recovery process and from which they hope to be able to further engage and support the local community.

Despite our new found fondness for Lagos, it was nice to escape and see the mile after mile of palm trees and greenery standing out against the deep red soil.

Our trip home wasn’t so great…..nice views quickly turned into horrendous traffic. No traffic cones here, just people selling bread!  No really!  Now Mums, please don’t panic, but we were hit by a truck, everyone’s okay even the 186 eggs we were transporting back to Keffi Street, remained unbroken. 

Today we are really tired, every morning we are woken at 4.30 then 5.30 by the call to prayer across the road and then get up at 6.30. Helen has started to have Malarone induced wake up calls where she believes the call to prayer is infact, “You spin me right round baby, right round”!!  But with the weekend ahead there’s a chance to catch up on sleep.

We kicked off today with the primary school assembly followed by PE. Chris taught the whole school, ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ and then we ran crowd control on the Hokey Cokey.

After some pretty intensive rug making at the women’s centre (we’ve even got homework for the weekend) we got a taster of the Friday clubs at the secondary school. We taught Goldilocks to the drama club, partly because it’s good for them to use as an exercise and mainly because we like it. Baby bear is a star in the making.

We’ve been here 2 weeks today and we’re even starting to call Keffi street home.

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