Singing, dancing and Chin Chin

18th November 2009

There are so many things we haven’t been able to fit into our blogs. For example, Sister Helen’s talk on natural family planning was really interesting but we’ve never seen Chris look so traumatised!

Our jaunt in a taxi bus with no doors and 7 holy sisters was surreal to say the least. The local Christian mothers popping round to sing dance and give the sisters their Christmas gift, oh and to laugh at Lou’s efforts at dancing. These are just some of the things we haven’t managed to fit in.

Our week in Ajegunle has been really busy so far. We’ve been in all the usual places but we know everyone so much better and understand more now and so we’ve been far busier than we could have imagined. Yesterday in the secondary school we did some pretty intensive lessons on Blackpool and have even got some messages from the students to bring home with us.

Lou and Christopher Afuenezie playing during baking lesson

In the women’s centre, they have finally despaired of us finishing our rugs and have decided to teach us something new. We are now expert bakers of Chin Chin and Sweet buns. Chin Chin are deep fried biscuits and sweet buns are similar to doughnuts and both are delicious, well the ones we made were anyway. We perhaps weren’t very good students, as we kept breaking off to play with Christopher the 3 year old son of one of the teachers. Oops luckily no detention though. In Nigeria they refer to teachers as aunty or uncle to show respect.

Does anyone at St Mary's in Blackpool recognise what Samuel from Cardoso Catholic Secondary School is wearing?

Today has been awesome. We were in the primary school in the morning observing 4 year olds learn addition with carrying which they did really well. Turning up at the secondary school at 12 we were treated to a spectacular cultural send-off. Friday is our final day at Ajegunle in the schools and at the women’s centre. It feels odd that we are saying our goodbyes to so many people and yet we are only half way into our time in Nigeria.

Cardoso catholic Secondary students perform a drama - 'The Almighty'

Today, we were really blown away by all the students and teachers had prepared for us including, drama, singing, football skills, cadet display, Drumming, West African dance and comedy.

 Our African clothing collection is growing by the day as we received gifts in the form of tie died African shirts. We were able to hand over some of the posters made at St. Mary’s and the primary schools, a football and a St. Mary’s PE shirt and tie. The whole school prayed for us, which reminded us of leaving St. Mary’s at home and our final prayers there.

Chris, Helen and Lou on the table of honour at the send off from the school

3 thoughts on “Singing, dancing and Chin Chin

  1. Hi Chris, Louise & Helen

    Really enjoying keeping up to date with your time in Nigeria. Samuel looks a very important man! Hope you are going to share your new found baking skills when you get home. Looking forward to the next installment!

    Did you find out what noise a giraffe makes yet?

    Anne Marie – Hexham & Newcastle

    • Anne-Marie, both Chris and Lou are great cooks! Looking forward to the ‘Come dine with me’ in Blackpool with a Nigerian flavour. C & L, hope you’re treating your hosts to some good English cookery??

      I’ve had some very serious replies to the noises giraffes make…. I’m waiting for verification from Chris and Lou. And Lou, please can you bring back a song for me?
      R 🙂

  2. What did the ‘pretty intensive lessons about Blackpool’ entail? Rock? Trams? Fish and chips? What were their reactions? It must have seemed a world away from being at school at St Mary’s.

    Note to self: Be nice to Rosa so I can get an invitation to the Nigerian-Blackpool ‘Come dine with me’…

    Can’t believe you’re away for another two weeks! It’s seemed so long. Hope you’re settling in to Jos ok


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