Goodbye Lagos

So, we have come to the end of our time here in Lagos, with plenty of experiences and amazing stories of our stay here so far.

The last couple of days have been eventful and full of goodbyes.

Holy Child community Ajegunle say goodbye to Lou, Chris and Helen

Thursday morning was taken up mainly by exchanging money at the bank and buying aeroplane tickets for our flight to Jos. People find it difficult to understand that Louise is female….. (Chris chuckles)…… despite clearly being a woman, the name Louise seems to be a male name here.

It is safe to say that Chris is one of the only men to have ever had a nun attempt to pull his shorts down. Not in a rude way though…. events in the swimming pool suddenly become a bit rough when a football is involved (Chris has had less rough rugby matches!)

Friday was our final day in Ajegunle. Although we have travelled the same route on our journey from Keffi Street we still notice and experience new things everyday. We pass old friends, the police officers in the street who now greet us with high fives and winks as they carry their AK-47s over their shoulders.

Cardoso Women's Centre cookery exam

The women’s centre was unbelievably busy as it was examination day for the cookery class. We’ve never seen anything like it, table after table of women cooking all sorts of every food. Everyone was cooking on small Calor gas stoves below their table, as people from the local area sat patiently waiting to be fed.

Today was the turn of the primary school to say goodbye with a send-off assembly to rival the royal variety performance. Each class took turns to present to us, ranging from nursery rhymes, to Shakespeare to a cover of Michael Jackson’s Heal the world.

Mr Gibson at St. Mary’s will be pleased to hear they rounded up with a fabulous version of ‘Who’s side are we leaning on?’  They then presented us with some beautiful gifts of beads, hats and baskets.  Chris isn’t so sure about his hat so remember to ask him to model it for you next time you see him.

Friends at Cardoso Catholic Primary School say goodbye

The week has seemed to have been taken up by goodbyes… I’m sure we have now broken a record for the amount of goodbyes said in one day. It’s interesting to see that the sisters don’t approach Chris with a goodbye hug, but instead handshakes…. Chris wasn’t to be deterred and hugged everyone, he even got a bear hug in return from Sister Bernadette.

The weekend has been somewhat of a blur amongst cooking for the sisters, packing and singing at mass. It has been amazing so far here in Lagos, but we now head to Jos, where our access to the internet may be limited, so please be patient and we will try to get as many of these blogs over to you as possible.

One thought on “Goodbye Lagos

  1. Hi guys, hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Jos. It’s been great reading about your experiences! Stay safe and keep up the good work!

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