CAFOD on Preston FM on World AIDS Day

Ann Smith, CAFOD’s HIV Corporate Strategist, is interviewed on Preston FM Radio as part of a series of programmes to highlight World AIDS Day on 1st December 2009.

A voice of hope and compassion, but grounded in reality, Ann explores how CAFOD approaches HIV and AIDS overseas as she explains how it touches all aspects of CAFOD’s work.

If you can do one thing to mark World AIDS Day, listen to this programme.

You can listen to the complete progamme, CAFOD & HIV – The Global Perspective at

Prayer for World AIDS Day

We pray for all living with HIV,
so that they feel included,
valued and supported.
We pray for those who are afraid
to be tested for HIV,
that they might walk in the light of the truth.

We pray for communities where poverty
and sex work go together,
that such places and their people
might be supported
rather than condemned.
We pray for those whose engagement
with drugs leads to illness and crime,
that they might be delivered.

We pray for those who protest
‘This is none of our business!’,
that they might share the pain of the Body.
And pray for governments which deny the devastating power of HIV,
that God may cure their short-sightedness.

And let us pray for those
who seek a cure for HIV,
or care for those living with
or affected by HIV,
or raise public awareness
or protest against indifference –
that their work may be noted in heaven
and honoured on earth.

And give to us all, living God,
not shallow optimism, but lively hope
grounded in Christ who, in the flesh,
healed our diseases,
and in his dying,
revealed the depth of your love,
and in rising again made redemption possible
and heaven open to all
who trust and love Him.
We pray in his glorious name.

J. Bell

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