Newman students ‘wave’ for action

The students are collecting signatures on t-shirts for The Wave - a human petition

Students from Newman College, Preston, Jack and Lizzie wrote this letter to the local newspaper the Lancashire Evening Post, and it was published on Tuesday 1st December. 

They’re part of a CAFOD Action Group at the college and yes, action is very much part of what they’re doing.  Read their letter.

We, students from Newman College in Preston, will be going to The Wave demonstration in London on 5th December. The Wave is a call from ordinary people for action on climate change ahead of the UN summit in Copenhagen on 7th December.

We want to show the government the existing support and urge our politicians into greater action against climate change. As an influential developed country, our contribution is critical. It is our actions, as one of the world’s largest economic powers, that determines the fate of those around the world who do not have the means to make an impact on the changes that mainly affect them.

Our group, a CAFOD Action Group, consists of sixteen to seventeen year olds. It is we who will inherit the earth in coming decades and we who will face the problems caused by climate change, so we’re eager to start to address the issue now. We will have to live through dramatic changes and adapt, making the desire for action all the more urgent.

In the developed world it is easy for us to feel apathetic – most tend to think the effects belong in the future with distant people. But for these people, the effects can already be felt and action needs to be taken. It is the poor who suffer the most as they can do little to protect themselves, whereas we can easily support those affected at home; we do not even question spending public money to help our own in Cumbria. The worst factor of all is that those worst affected overseas have done the least towards causing the problems of climate change.

The issue in our world today is that human actions are accelerating the rate of climate change and bringing it to dangerous levels. The changes that occur are and will continue to cause huge problems in many areas around the globe. Just as we have contributed to the problem, it is also our responsibility to rectify it and make the difference that will stop the disastrous effects climate change can have. The issues being discussed in Copenhagen are a matter of justice and we call for real action that can make a difference.


Jack Robinson and Lizzie Vjestica

On behalf of the CAFOD Action Group at Newman College, Preston

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