Home sweet home

So, if you don’t know by now, we are back!

Arriving back in to Heathrow Airport was a revelation! It seems really bizarre to us that Christmas is in full swing now… it felt like we were in the end scene of a Hollywood Movie. If only our families had noticed us arrive.

Chris and Helen with CAFOD staff in Jos

Looking back over our time in Nigeria, we have managed to cram in more things into 5 weeks than seems possible. From our time in Lagos working with some of the poorest communities imaginable, to raffles at church bazaar’s auctioning off cars, sofas and fridges. From the busy and hectic roads of Lagos, we moved to Jos where the only things keeping us awake at night were the noisy crickets and all night praise of the local Pentecostal church.

Mr Sunday tells Lou and Cletus about water catchments in Lardang, Kwa district

Towards the end of our trip, conversations turned from the work that we were doing with the CAFOD partner organisations to what our first meal would be back home and cravings for Match of the Day and MILK!  Lou demanded luxurious cereal and Chris requested a nice lamb joint. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Luckily our Mums are very patient and understanding of us.

Chris with Agnes and Moses at Zawan orphanage - Zawan Jos

We are now looking forward to going back up North to see everyone back at St.Mary’s, CAFOD Lancaster and all the primary schools… not forgetting our fave…. Fr.John Foulkes! We have a lot to talk about, so beware… you need to be good listeners.

Thank you for being so patient with our updates, at times it has been hard to have access to internet points, and even then it was a struggle to get things sent off! Hope you could grasp a real picture of our amazing experiences out in Nigeria.

Our last thank you has to be to all of the people in Nigeria who welcomed us so warmly and made our trip so rich.

PS Cheers Helen!!

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