The Wave

The IMPACT Youth Group from Preston

At 7.30am on a cold, dark Saturday morning we gathered at Preston Railway Station, some of us holding onto warm paper cups of coffee, others queuing to buy Tube tickets, as we waited to go to London to The Wave – anticipated to be the biggest demonstration in the UK around climate change.  Almost 50 campaigners made up this particular party.

Here are some reflections after The Wave from some of the members of the group:

Making banners before the march

Was the day what you though it was going to be?

It was much more than that, it was miles better.  Afnan

Mostly, but the amount of enthusiasm and the number of people were even more than I had imagined.  Jack

It was far better.  Joining the march at Trafalgar Square was awesome.  Patrick

It was really good and went a lot faster than I expected it to – there was so much going on.  Lizzie

It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Penny

Yes, but a bit more peaceful than expected – more chains!!  Joe

It was better.  Real sense of purpose and commitment came through.  Rosa



Outside Downing Street

What were the best bits of the day?

Being filmed for CAFOD; assembling with lots of other people who there for the same cause; the MARCH!!  Afnan

Looking back across the river and seeing that it was still just as busy on the other side; seeing people of all ages and all walks of life coming together; my blue hands!  Jack

Josh and his extremely loud chanting; the far too early train trip with Terry. Imogen

Sitting on the lion;  ‘Hey you, give us five, help our planet to survive!’  and painting myself blue.  Joe

The march; the TV interview; painting my face blue.  Penny

Taking part in the workshops before the march; seeing the sights – no 10 Downing Street; listening to Alan on the train.  Lizzie

The whole march; being under Big Ben for the first Wave; being painted blue.  Clara

The march; the coffee and sit down after the march; the amazing atmosphere.  Rosa


 What’s the message you’d like to give to world leaders in Copenhagen? 

What do we want??

Raise the stakes, make big promises and actually keep them.  Afnan

Don’t leave it too late.  Take the bold step necessary to bring about change.  Now.  Patrick 

Climate change is an important issue in the lives of so many people and more need to be done to reduce its effects and support the people affected by it.  Jack 

CLIMATE JUSTICE!!  Think of those who really need help.  Imogen 

Pull your finger out Obama!  Joe

Getting the best deal to  lower carbon emissions is the most important thing they can do.  Clara 

Protect the vulnerable in the world before defending the rights of the rich and secure.  Is it right that they suffer the effects of climate change and we stand by and watch?  Rosa 


The banner says it all

How did you feel at the end of the day?

Exhausted, but completely empowered and ready to take action.  Afnan

Tired.  Penny

Buzzing.  Clara

Pleased with myself. Joe

Empowered and buzzing.  Imogen

Satisfied and proud.  Lizzie

Exhausted, but good.  Rosa

Shattered, but with the tiredness a sense of accomplishment.  Patrick


Glad you took part?  Why?

Of course! It was an opportunity of a lifetime and to be part of something that was so historic and that would open people’s eyes was amazing. I’m so glad I can say that I was there! (:  Afnan

Very glad, because I feel we were part of something really huge that wouldn’t have been so good without us!  Lizzie
Yes, I felt a real sense of being part of something big.  Imogen
Yes!  I feel we have done something for the world.  Joe
Yes – there was a real sense of solidarity and tangible postive energy.  A brilliant day.  Rosa 
Absolutely.  It’s part of our faith and responsibility to show witness and to speak up about injustice and the need for climate justice.  Patrick

Chris Bain, CAFOD's Director, walked with us for part of the march

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