Speak up for CAFOD

Speaking up for CAFOD
Communicating CAFOD’s key messages 

Ahead of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Fast Day in March 2010 we are offering a short training session for volunteers willing to raise awareness of the 50th Anniversary of Lent Fast Day.

The session will cover how to effectively communicate CAFOD’s key messages and will explore how to both personalise and deliver CAFOD talks to our parish congregations.

Celebrating this significant milestone in CAFOD’s history we remember CAFOD’s beginnings, with the commitment to continue the legacy which we have inherited, showing that whilst much has been achieved we remain in solidarity with our sisters and brothers overseas. 

Bernadette speaks for CAFOD

The training will cover:
* how to effectively communicate the key messages we need people to hear
* the ways in which people listen
* ways to both prepare and deliver a talk
* how to get our parishes involved in the 50th Anniversary of Fast Day in Lent this year

It takes place at:
* St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Cadley Causeway, Cadley, Preston, PR2 3RX
* on Saturday 16th January 2010, 11.00am till 2.00pm.    The training is free.

Have you ever considered speaking up for CAFOD?  As a practical expression of our faith, it literally speaks volumes. 

CAFOD has made a tremendous difference to the lives of thousands around the world.  It can continue to do so with your support.  We invite you to  offer your time and skills.   Join us.

To book a place or further information contact the CAFOD Lancaster office on 01772 733310 or email lancaster@cafod.org.uk 

Thank you for your support.

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