Nigeria? How long do you have??

Some of Chris’s initial thoughts on his return from Nigeria as part of the Step into the Gap Programme:


I cannot believe that it has been a month since we departed Nigeria. Everything still seems so fresh and recent, except the heat, I can’t remember what it feels like to be hot now!

Looking back on our time out in Nigeria, there are so many memories that I can draw upon, so when I am asked how was it? What did you enjoy most? … I ask ‘how long do you have?’

There isn’t really one thing that I can single out as being the best moment. Our time spent in Nigeria was so diverse and we had so many amazing moments, from our time in Ajegunle, Lagos in the secondary and primary school, and learning crafts in the women’s centre, to spending time with the CAFOD team and the CAFOD partners in Jos, and then visiting Fr. Leo in Bauchi. We were just so fortunate to see and do all of the things that we did.

CAFOD’s work in Nigeria is centred from Jos, we did not spend much time in the CAFOD office there, but from visits to the partners we could see the vital work that is being done in partnership. It was very interesting to see how far the work CAFOD and its partners spread across the plateau state.

Our time spent with Kuru water was particularly eye opening as we spent an overnight visit with them in the towns and villages where they help the local people to get access to clean water all year round.

The visit to Nigeria was certainly an eye opening one and an inspiring one too. I hope that I will be able to let people understand everything about our trip- but be patient as we have a lot to say!

Chris and Lou will be speaking around the diocese about their visit  – look out for details locally.  Alternatively, if you’d like to invite them to give a presentation at your parish, contact us at the CAFOD Lancaster office.

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