CAFOD unplugged

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen many more people around the diocese become engaged with CAFOD’s work overseas, either through their campaigning or through their parish, college or workplace.

In response to this level of interest we are presenting a series of evening workshops to ‘unpack’ CAFOD, to reveal the breadth and depth of the amazing work this global organisation does. We’ve witnessed a real thirst to connect to the bigger picture and to understand the global dimension of development, and, in the context of who we are as a faith based organisation, we hope that ‘CAFOD unplugged’ will help to make this connection.

Here is an outline of the four sessions:

Tues 22nd June, 7.30—9pm: Vision, Mission and Values & Communicating CAFOD
Tues 29th June, 7.30—9pm: The Story of CAFOD
Tues 6th July, 7.30—9pm: CAFOD’s International Work
Tues 13th July, 7.30—9pm: CAFOD at home

They take place at the CAFOD office in Preston (details on the invitation card).

You can download an invitation card (4 actually…) here: CAFOD unplugged June 10

The workshops allow room for discussion and questions, with plenty of resources available. You will be most welcome.

Please could you let us know if you’d like to come along?   It’ll help with our preparations.You can either phone us at 01772 733310 or email at

We are deeply grateful for what you already do for CAFOD.

Your support speaks volumes, not only to us, but to our sisters and brothers overseas.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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