Acting on Poverty

Young people from across the Diocese of Lancaster have been showing their support of CAFOD’s Act on Poverty campaign.

6th form students from St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool responded to the campaign with their promises on the door of 10 Downing Street.


Jon and Rachel from St Mary's Catholic College in Blackpool


Jon and Rachel, the ‘gaplains’ at the school, led this activity as part of their work during their ‘Step into the Gap’ year. It’s good to see that the principles of  ‘Give, act, pray’ are alive and active at St Mary’s!

The IMPACT Youth Group spent a weekend at Castlerigg Manor at the start of October and were led through a CAFOD workshop by youth leader Sophie Ellwood.  Their door of 10 Downing Street displayed their responses to the campaign.


Members of the IMPACT youth group at Castlerigg with the door of 10 Downing Street


And it didn’t stop there…..members of the IMPACT group went on to speak at their local parish the following weekend in Preston explaining how they are inspired to campaign with CAFOD. They also invited the parishoners to join them in signing the ‘Act on Poverty” postcards.  Young people connecting with their faith communities, through their passion to act for justice – brilliant!

THANK YOU to all the young people who acted on poverty – good to see you leading the way!



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