We’re on our way to Kenya!


This Friday (21st January) we embark on a journey of a lifetime to Kenya, where we will visit and observe CAFOD’s partner programmes for 3 and a half weeks. The trip is part of our ‘Step into the Gap’ year at St. Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool, and is designed to engage young people in CAFOD’s mission of global justice and peace.

Jon and Rachel in Blackpool

Here are some of our thoughts ahead of the trip…

Jon- My head is absolutely buzzing with questions. I’m wondering what will be the first thing I see when we fly into Nairobi? What will be our first Kenyan meal? How bad will we speak Swahili compared to the locals?! I’m excited to see the sun setting across an African plain, and the moon and the stars lighting up the night sky.

During our stay, we will gain an insight into the four main areas that are the focus of CAFOD’s work in East Africa. These include sustainable livelihoods and disaster risk reduction in the communities that are affected by climate change and drought. We will also visit Justice and Peace projects in Kibera slum, a HIV/AIDS clinic, and meet children in a local primary school.

Jon- I am excited for the challenge ahead, and want to immerse myself in Kenyan culture so that I can appreciate the people and their lives. I hope to see the transformative work of CAFOD, and be moved by the manifestation of our prayers and fundraising efforts on the ground in Kenya. I think I’ll be inspired, challenged, and ultimately encouraged by everything we see.

Jon with his colleagues in the Chaplaincy Team at St Mary's Catholic College

Rachel- I can’t wait to go! I am so grateful to have the chance to meet the people that CAFOD is working with and to have a real understanding of their daily struggles and triumphs. I hope that we can share as many of our experiences as possible on our return, so others can share the vision of a just world.


From left to right: Rachel, Marie, Jon, Patrick, Dave and Simon from the Chaplaincy Team and CAFOD Lancaster enjoy a meal together before the trip to Kenya

 We’ll keep you posted as the trip unfolds.  Watch this space : )

One thought on “We’re on our way to Kenya!

  1. Hi Jon & Rachel,
    In September, I was lucky enough to go to Kenya with CAFOD for a short trip similar to yourselves. I was really touched by the generous people, challenged by the poverty and utterly inspired by the work going on with CAFOD’s partners in giving people a chance to help themselves. The contrast between “our” world and the rural parts of Kenya are unbelievable, but every person we met had nothing but a warm welcome, a smile and some tea to offer us. 4 months on and my head is still back in the slums or trying (and failing) to milk a Massai goat or with the HIV/AIDS support group we met. Leave your preconceptions at home, throw yourself into a different world and see what a changed (and even better) person you are when you get back!

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