Step into the Gap: Goats make the perfect gift

Rachel and Jon left for Kenya in January, accompanied by Rosa Trelfa, CAFOD Lancaster Diocesan Manager, for the overseas part of their Step into the Gap Year. Over the course of the next four weeks, they will be visiting various CAFOD programmes and if you’d like to keep track of  their progress, you can follow it all here.

CAFOD the Lamb

26th January 2011, Rachel blogging…..

I took a friend from Blackpool with me in my suitcase to Kenya. His name is CAFOD the lamb, and he comes from Year 5 at Our Lady of Assumption RC Primary School! He is a very good travelling companion 🙂 Here are CAFOD’s thoughts for the day…

Salama! (Peace be with you!)

My day’s gone so well! I went to visit the Kanyangi community in Mbakoni. The people welcomed us with a lovely African dance, which made me smile and dance too! (Rachel and Rosa couldn’t keep still either!)

Here’s Jon, Rachel and Rosa with Justice and his goats

 I know some very kind people in England who have given World Gifts to people in poor countries, and today I met hundreds of them! Here is a photo of one of the goats I met: 

In the shade - so hot!

 I also talked to many of the women and men who own the goats.

Here I am with Rachel and Juliana


One lady named Patricia told me that she is very happy to have her goats, because she can now afford to send her children to School, and they also provide milk for the whole family – mmm!

Jon and Rachel chat to Teresia, who couldn’t remember how old she was. She was great!

 Patricia was just one of the many people who walked miles just to tell us that they are very thankful for this gift. I was glad to see that the goats were well taken care of, and that they were loved very much by the whole family.

Rachel with Patricia. She was very friendly and laughed a lot!

 A funny thing that happened was when Rachel was asked to herd 3 goats, but she didn’t do it very well at all and made everyone, especially the locals, giggle! (Don’t tell her I said that!) 

Rachel tried to milk a goat and Jon couldn’t resist filming it!

  I am having a really lovely time in Kenya. The people I’ve met have such big hearts, and always make me feel special. Thank you for reading my diary – I will write again soon!
Lots of love,
CAFOD the Lamb
🙂 xxx 

Here I am with Kennedy, aged 13, and Rachel, Rosa and Jon



15 thoughts on “Step into the Gap: Goats make the perfect gift

  1. You really are witnessing fantastic programmes and meeting inspirational people. Thank you for sharing it all with us. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Patrick x

  2. Hi guys, especially Rosa. Thanks for the updates. Rosa love from all at One Voice.

    Keep up the good work

    Jeanette ( tall soprano )

  3. Jambo Folks, How lovely to see the goats and what a difference they can make to people’s lives. Hope that everyone is watching you on Granada Reports at 6pm tonight.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Sorry to everyone who tuned into Granada Reports they must have thought that another story was more important!! What do they know!!!

  5. How lovely to be able to see how happy people can be and how grateful for what might seem to us to be so little. Maybe they are the ones who are truly rich.

  6. Thanks for the update from Kenya re Goats. Great interest for maembers of Ulverston Catholic Women’s League, as we bought some goats last year with money we raised serving Lenten Lunches. Anne section chairman

  7. Thanks for the update from Kenya re ” Goats”. Great interest for members of Ulverston Catholic Women’s League, as webought some goats last year with money raised by making and serving lunches during Lent. Anne section chairman

  8. RAT and Jon!

    Thanks for the blog updates! Looks like your having a lovely time! Really good to see you so happy and relaxed. You deserve it. I’m still laughing at the thought of Rachel attempting to herd and milk the goats 😛 Fantastic!!

    Cat xx

  9. Hello from class 3
    We are enjoying reading your blogs. We like the cute baby, the lamb, the goats and Jon’s hair!!! The people seem happy inspite of their problems.

    We hope you are enjoying yourselves. We have some questions:
    Which God do the people believe in?
    What do the children ask you when they come to you?
    Where did you get your red flip flops from?

    Looking forward to hearing from you again
    lots of love
    Class 3

    • Hello Class 3!

      It’s lovely to hear from you, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blogs! It is true, the people are very happy, and are always ready to welcome us with a smile!

      To answer your questions:
      1) People believe in different Gods. Some of the people are Catholic, so they believe in the same God as us. We have also met some Muslim groups who believe in Allah. Other people in tribes believe in Ngai- an African God.

      2) Some children ask us ‘How are you?’ They are very excited, and think we look very different! The other day some children surrounded me and were shaking my hand- I think they were amazed at the difference of our skin colours! Many of the children are very happy and full of life.

      3) We found the red flip flops next to our bed- they’re like slippers, and you only wear them in the house.

      I will soon be visiting another Primary School, where I can tell the children about St. John’s and give out your lovely profiles!

      Lots of love,

  10. Hi Jon looks like you are enjoying seeing and working with the people. Brother Keith buys goats each year as Christmas presents for our grandchildren, they each receive a little plastic goat to symbolise the gift given. It’s great to see how much good these gifts do
    Linda xxxx

  11. Hello Rachel,
    Great to read about your experiences.
    You look very happy out there too!

    Anyway, with best wishes and prayers,
    God bless,
    Br Paul

  12. Hello Rachel,
    I hope that you enjoy your time in Kenya and expect you to bring back with you some sunshine when you come back. God bless,

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