Visit Brazil – go global!

Going Global – ‘A journey of discovery’

An eight session global learning course and exposure visit to Brazil

A journey within……. The course will provide opportunities for you to explore your inner landscape – the roots of your spirituality, the foundations of your ethical outlook and motivation for action.

A journey into knowledge & understanding……. The course will enable you to explore development issues from a variety of perspectives and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and the work of CAFOD.

A journey into community…….. If you decide to participate in the exposure visit to Brazil you will share the journey with twelve other people and together you will enter into the life, joys and struggles of communities across Brazil.

A journey into Brazilian life and culture……. Your journey across Brazil will be facilitated by experienced professionals from the UK and Brazil who have intimate knowledge and understanding of Brazilian life and culture.

The course starts in September 2011 and the venue of the meetings will alternate between Preston and Salford as this opportunity is open to all over the age of 18 in the two dioceses of Lancaster and Salford.

Closing date for applications: 15th July 2011

For further information and an application form,  contact the CAFOD Lancaster office on tel no 01772 733310 or email

One thought on “Visit Brazil – go global!

  1. Strange coincidence? Doing family history, I see that Alderman Thomas Preston is mentioned on the website for Lancaster Cathedral. His daughter, my grandmother went to Brazil in 1914, married a British civil engineer employed in Brazil, had 2 children, and died in 1979 and is buried in this small village in the state Minas Gerais. I was brought up there, so I know a fair bit about it. Best of luck with your project.

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