Blackpool 10k run in the rain for water

Breaking news….. the runners from St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool exceeded their target and were able to present the fantastic amount of £840 to CAFOD to provide a community water supply.  Pictured below, Patrick (right) from the CAFOD Lancaster office receives the cheque from the Activate Group, the school’s Faith & Justice Group, with Jon Lord (far left), the gaplain who organised the team of runners, by their side. 

And this is why they did it……..

Anna, pictured below, walks for hours every day in Kenya to collect a meagre amount of dirty water for her entire family. 

Jon, one of our gappers, met Anna whilst in Kenya earlier this year.  It inspired him to organise a team of runners from St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool to take part in the annual Blackpool 10k Fun Run to raise enough money to provide a whole community with a supply of water. 

Some of the team before the run

A team of staff and students, supported by family and friends, gathered on the Promenade at Blackpool.  How ironic it was then, that minutes before the start of the race there was a torrential downpour- exactly what is so needed in parts of Kenya. 

Rachel, Gemma, Charlotte and Jon

Runners drenched, waiting to go, we all joined in chanting the countdown – and they were off!

Ciaran from Year 10 was the first runner back

Huge thanks to the runners for their time and energy.  Some impressive times were achieved: Ciaran ran his first 10k in 43 minutes and 45 seconds.  he said; “The best part was finishing. It was hard running conditions and I was aching and feeling tired the next morning at school.”

Jon finished in an impressive 45 minutes and 15 seconds.  Mr Gillespie, Mr Eccles and Mr Mitchell all finished in less than an hour.

Dom celebrates finishing the race

More impressive (to non-runners like me!) were those in the team who came in a little later, not being experienced runners – but they all finished the course. 

Gemma with her family after the race

Some, like Gemma, were welcomed back at the finish line and encouraged to the end by  the Radio Wave presenter, who cheered her by name until she crossed the line!

Charlotte (pictured further up)  from Year 10 said  “It was very tiring but I was shocked to finish it in one hour 10 minutes. I’m so happy all the money is going to a good cause. I was over the moon to see the finish line.”


Mr Eccles celebrates after the race

We’re very proud of you here at CAFOD – and we’re very grateful. 

A happy Mr Gillespie at the end of the run

We’ll send this story to our partners in Kenya and hopefully it will reach people like Anna – to show that we have not forgotten the communities we met in Kenya and that the people of Blackpool stand alongside them still.

THANK YOU to all of the runners: students and staff for your commitment, to the families and friends who turned up on a chilly, rainy Sunday in Blackpool to cheer them on, to everyone who sponsored them, to Jon for leading the way and to Activate for being an inspiration!  You are all awesome : )

5 thoughts on “Blackpool 10k run in the rain for water

  1. What an amazing day! So proud of you all for running and supporting CAFOD!
    Our efforts will make a huge difference in Kenya!

  2. Congratulations to all those bravehearts who gave up their Sunday morning to raise money for clean water for the less fortunate people in Kenya. What a shame we couldn’t have collected the deluge in buckets and sent it to Anna!!!
    Well done everyone.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I got an email from Alex in Kenya yesterday. He teaches in a tiny primary school in rural Kenya, in a school which started under a tree. CAFOD has funded the construction of a dam. When we were there it was empty and we were praying for rain.

    Alex wrote to tell us they had rain and the ‘CAFOD dam’ is full of water!

    I told him about you all doing the Blackpool 10k and this is how he replied:

    “We are very grateful for you, Jon, Rachel and all the CAFOD volunteers for your every effort .Water is life and your contribution has and will always change the lives of many.We will continue working together for the greater Glory of God.We will never forget you in our hearts and prayers.Kindest of wishes,blessings and good luck to you all from everyone here. Alex”

    Powerful stuff – THANK YOU to you all – keep them in your thoughts and prayers. You’re really making a difference and I’m very proud of you : )

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