Tea Time for Change

On Thursday 9th June, two dedicated campaigners from St. Mary’s Catholic College’s ‘Activate’ group in Blackpool, Jessica Chiodo, 15 and Dominic Scott, 14, travelled to London with ‘Step into the Gap’ volunteer Rachel McCarthy to Tea Time for Change.

This wasn’t an ordinary cup of tea: it was to refresh the call for global justice.

Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North, at Tea Time for Change with campaigners from St Mary's Catholic College

The event was very well attended, with 1200 supporters of CAFOD and similar organisations such as ActionAid and Save the Children. 131 MPs from across the country were lobbied over cups of tea and cake, on vital issues such as development aid, ending tax dodging and providing innovative and effective sources of finance for development, such as a Robin Hood tax.

We again met with Paul Maynard MP of Blackpool North and Cleveleys. Dominic Scott, Year 9 student from St Mary’s catholic College in Blackpool, asked Paul Maynard to put pressure on multinational companies to put an end to tax dodging. Dominic symbolised this injustice by offering Mr Maynard a box of jammy dodgers!

The meeting highlighted Paul Maynard’s exceptional support of St. Mary’s Catholic College and CAFOD. He stated: “It’s good that younger people are involved in these issues.  I think St. Mary’s are doing a fantastic job in introducing you to them.”

Further, Mr Maynard expressed how his support for international development is rooted in his Catholic faith: “What happens in Kenya is as important to me as what happens in Blackpool. I am my brother’s keeper. In a way I’m the MP for Kibera.”

The day also included inspirational speakers from the global South and Harriet Harman MP, Shadow Development Secretary. Jessica Chiodo, testifies how the call for global justice is as fresh as ever: “It was amazing! It was one of the most inspirational days of my life!”

Quite so.

To see more photos of the event, please go to-


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