CAFOD at Prayer

The UN Climate Talks start on 29th November in Durban, South Africa. Thousands of Catholics have contacted George Osborne through CAFOD asking him to show strong leadership on climate finance in order to support the world’s poorest who are now bearing the burden of the devastating effects of the ever changing climate.

Thank you for taking part in that action. What can we do next?

• Keep yourself informed. Have a look at  where there’s a short film clip about the campaign you supported.

• Pray for a good outcome to these talks. CAFOD’s Monthly Prayer Meeting on Thursday 24th November put these talks and our relationship with Creation at the centre of our prayer. Why not join us? It starts at 11am, at the Presbytery of St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Cadley Causeway, Fulwood, Preston. We share lunch afterwards, so please a small amount of food.

• Please continue to act and pray for lasting change. We refuse to accept the suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world. We are compelled to take action to alleviate it.

You can download a poster for the prayer meeting  here

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