The Wow Factor at St William’s

St William’s Catholic Primary School in Pilling may be small in numbers – only 37 pupils in the whole school, but MASSIVE in its enthusiasm and generosity!

The children of the School Council asked to hold a CAFOD Challenge Week – a week of planned activities to learn about and support the work of CAFOD. 

“On Monday Rosa came to talk about CAFOD.
I am very happy because we have helped children in Africa.”

The 4 House Captains with Rosa, from CAFOD, at the start of the week holding their boxes containing their £25

The children in Pilling heard about the children in Kenya from the Samburu tribe and saw how CAFOD was helping the community to build a sand dam so they could collect water near to their school instead of walking a long long way for it.

A mama from the Samburu tribe and her beautiful baby

The children from each House – St Andrew’s, St David’s, St George’s and St Patrick’s were given £25.00 to start off a fundraising challenge.  They decided to hold a Pyjama Day and Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a Weird and Wacky Hair Day, a Cake Sale and Book Swap, and a Car Wash and a Sweet String Stall.

Is that Mr Parkinson in a babygrow???

Mr Parkinson, teacher at the school, said:  “We had a great week in school and raised just over £400 which we are over the moon about! All the children worked really hard to make sure that their own event was run well, as well as trying their best on every other day.”

“Wow, I can’t believe how much we have raised!”

“Lots of people came in with extremely wacky hair styles,
some dyed them, some used glitter spray and nearly all used styling gel. 
It was great to see all the different hair styles,
and lots of them were funny.”

Huge thanks to all the children of St William’s Catholic Primary School for being so brilliant, to their families for being so supportive and generous and to the staff going with the children’s ideas.

We think you’ve all got the WOW Factor!

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