Santa & Rudolph(s) Walk the Walk for CAFOD

What was Santa and his Reindeers doing walking the streets of Garstang at 7am on Thursday 15th December???

” At 6 o’clock in the morning seeing Santa and his reindeer sat round my kitchen table drinking tea and eating cereal was a sight to behold!” shared Helen, Jon’s mum, who kindly opened her home to Santa  so that he and his reindeer could make a prompt start on the walk.


The five Year 11 boys from Our Lady’s Catholic High School in Preston decided to walk the 6 miles to school on the cold wintry morning in festive dress for CAFOD.

“Last year we did a sponsored walk for CAFOD and raised £1000.  This time we decided we’d do it again and try to beat that target.” said Jonathan Bisby, one of the lads.

They’d researched that in parts of Uganda young people walked an average of 6 miles to go to school, so they thought they’d try it – in festive style, to raise awareness of thousands of children around the globe do on a daily basis to complete their education.

They told the whole school about their plan and visited every form in the school.  They made a guest appearance in the staffroom during the staff briefing to appeal for support and they spoke at their parish churches during Mass to rally support.

A little peckish on the way to school, the reindeers and Santa stopped for a bacon butty along the way and were given donations by complete strangers, even a couple of policemen put their hands in their pockets, not for hand cuffs, but for a little cash to donate to the boys!

Inspired by their total madness and strong determination, younger pupils at Our Lady’s in Year 7 decided to donate their fundraising to support the boys in their challenge.

“I’m so impressed with these boys: Jonathan, George, Matthew, Sam and John.  They’ve made quite an impact in the school.  Here’s young leadership in action  – and they’ve done it really well.” said Rosa Trelfa from CAFOD Lancaster,  “Not only have they raised awareness of real hardship overseas, but they’ve demonstrated solidarity with young people across the planet AND they’ve inspired others to work for a better, fairer world.  Thank you.  Proud of you!”

A big thank you to Mr Gormally, their Learning Manager, who walked with them and to their fantastic parents for their encouragement and to all those who supported them.

Completely mad, but completely awesome : )

One thought on “Santa & Rudolph(s) Walk the Walk for CAFOD

  1. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Fab job. Fab idea! Great stuff! This has given us some great ideas for next Christmas! Well done everyone! Really inspirational stuff!

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