Cardinal Allen’s CAFOD Team on the road!

Recently the new CAFOD Team from Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood presented their first CAFOD ‘Road show Assembly’ at St. William’s Catholic Primary School in Pilling.

Here's the CAFOD Team pictured with Mrs Wort, Headteacher at St William's (far left) and Kathy Scanlon, CAFOD school volunteer, next to her

The assembly celebrated the tremendous support that this tiny Catholic Primary school had shown for families overseas who struggle daily with poverty.  The children of St William’s had really made a difference and the CAFOD Team showed them some examples of how they had made a difference.

Year 6 pupils with the CAFOD display they helped to assemble

The assembly was prepared entirely by the group. It included a PowerPoint, question and answer session, short DVD footage and a sing-along!

The CAFOD Team in action

The CAFOD Team in action

The audience clearly enjoyed themselves and gave lots of positive feedback when interviewed afterwards.

Afterwards, Jordan in Year 6 said:

My favourite part of the assembly was the video with the children singing. 

It is important to tell people about the work of CAFOD, so that more people can help the poor and those less fortunate than us. I learnt that a lot of people in Africa don’t have the chance to go to school and many don’t have homes.                   

 I’d very much like to be part of a CAFOD team, I would spread the word and organise fundraising events for CAFOD.

He's got the whole world in his hands......

Well done to the Year 10 students in the CAFOD Team from Cardinal Allen!  It’s a good message you’re celebrating, that we really can make a difference and do something in response to global poverty.  Good to see it rooted in who we are as Catholics in prayer too – brilliant!

Last year’s CAFOD Team from Cardinal Allen, now in Year 11, travelled down to London to celebrate CAFOD’s 50th anniversary on 28th January with Mrs Lynch, the Chaplain at the school.  They joined a packed Westminster Cathedral for a very special Mass.  They also had a lot of fun seeing the sights around London!  More to come on this……

Chloe, Laura and Abi with Ged, CAFOD supporter, outside Westminster Cathedral in London

As well as visiting St William’s Primary School, recently in R.E. the Year 7 topic was ‘World Poverty’ and so the busy Cardinal Allen CAFOD team were invited to give a talk to Year 7s about the work of CAFOD. Sian Griffiths prepared an excellent PowerPoint and was assisted by others from the group to discuss and answer questions.

Well done Team!

The children at St William’s have got something to aspire to when they see you acting as such brilliant young leaders.  Thank you – it means so much to us at CAFOD when we see young people leading the way….we just love it!

Keep going…… : )

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Allen’s CAFOD Team on the road!

  1. Hello, doing the CAFOD roadshow was so much fun, it is a great experience to work with younger people than myself and inform other people about the work that CAFOD do.I am looking forward to doing another CAFOD presentation to other primary schools 🙂 It was such a pleasure to meet Mrs Wort, Headteacher at St William’s.

    WELL DONE TO MRS.LYNCH our cardinal allen CAFOD group leader (Chaplaincy teacher)

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