Pancakes for CAFOD

The Year 10 CAFOD Team at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood were busy busy busy on Shrove Tuesday in school when they decided to sell pancakes for CAFOD.

All ready to be eaten!

All ready to be eaten!

Mrs Lynch, the school’s chaplain, provided the pancakes which were warmed up and spread with Nutella and sold to students at morning breaktime……sounds delicious……

So why did they do it?

‘The money raised with the pancakes is going to a good cause – we have pancakes – but the money goes to those who don’t have as much as we do,’ said Molly, a member of the Year 10 CAFOD Team

How did it go?

‘It was funny persuading friends to buy – I said the pancakes were the best tasting pancakes ever to be bought!’ remarked David, also in the Team.


The students worked really well together and put lots of energy into it.  They sold over 100 pancakes and raised a total of £42.50, which is doubled in value for CAFOD since the school raised it as part of their Lenten activities for CAFOD and all donations this Lent will be matched pound for pound by the Government – so well done everyone: that’s £85 worth of pancakes you sold!!

The Year 10 CAFOD Team showing off their pancakes, with Kathy Scanlon, CAFOD school volunteer (far right) and staff from the school

After feasting on pancakes, the school canteen served a CAFOD Fast Day  lunch of soup & sandwich to mark the Fast Day to the whole school – showing real solidarity with those around the world who live in poverty every day.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the ‘Mini CAFODs’  – the Year 7 CAFOD Team, have been helping out with Lent collection Buckets, going out and about at break times, with the lunch times covered by the Year 10 CAFOD group.

A River of Change display is flowing through the Chaplaincy too: each school student is invited to write a Lenten pledge and put onto the river.   This is to reflect the Thirst for Change campaign which focuses on water poverty.

‘Cardinal Allen students and staff have put their hearts and souls into Lent – not only are they sharing what they have through their generous fundraising, but also they’re showing real commitment to Thirst for Change through their actions and prayers. 

It means so much to us when young people do something to show they care.  The CAFOD Teams at this school are awesome,’  said Rosa Trelfa from CAFOD Lancaster, ‘and so are the staff behind them.  A big THANK YOU to all of you!’

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