St Mary’s in Blackpool is Thirsting for Change

The students of the ACTIVATE Group at St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool have been working hard over the past few weeks to promote CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign. They gave powerful assemblies to the whole school last week, raising the issue of water and explaining what life is like for people who don’t have enough water to live.

This resulted in more than 300 campaign cards being filled in, which will be sent to Prime Minister David Cameron. He will see how important this issue is to the students at St Mary’s, and we’re really excited about this. All the students in years 7-9 have also written a message on some water droplets, which will be displayed in the Chapel next week.

The climax of the appeal was on Tuesday. Activate decided to carry large buckets of water around the school to see what it is like for people who have to travel huge distances just to collect water. They walked a total of 6km, the average distance women in Sub- Saharan Africa must walk to their nearest water source, as a public witness to raise awareness of the issue to their fellow students.

One of the buckets of water was dirty, to remind everyone that the water some people must drink is not clean and could make them ill. As well as buckets of water, they also took out collection buckets to raise money to support people who live without access to water.

Activate would like to thank everyone that took part in this campaign, and the enthusiastic response they received on Tuesday. We hope this campaign will make a real difference to those in most need.

2 thoughts on “St Mary’s in Blackpool is Thirsting for Change

  1. Well done St Mary’s and ACTIVATE! What a brilliant way to show solidarity with our sisters and brothers who trek for miles each day for water.

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