Newman College Fashion Show flows with enthusisam

The students of Newman College in Preston combined fashion with Fairtrade and water as they featured CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign in their Fashion Show last week.

The CAFOD Group with Ellie Turner, their leader (front row)

Roisin and Don, members of the CAFOD Group at Newman explained the issues around water poverty and how it adversely affects the lives of countless people overseas, especially girls.  They wrote their own script, customised their own t-shirts and demonstrated the effects of lack of water.

They compared the consumption of water in well developed countries to that in lesser developed one.

They finished by inviting everyone to take part in the campaign, with Roisin informing us all:

Artur shows off the fountain of messages

The Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of eight of the world’s largest economies. This includes UK, USA, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, RUSSIA, JAPAN and CANADA.

This year David Cameron is leading the G8 and we are calling upon him to ‘thirst for change’ like us! If we put enough pressure on him he will be the meetings with water on his mind and hopefully our ‘thirst for change’ will become a ‘force for change.’

Tonight, sign one of our action cards! This will be sent to David Cameron so he can see just how many people want justice to flow like a river. Also, you can fill in a water droplet which will be added to our fountain!!!

A couple of big drips trickled around the place to keep the action flowing, and had some fun in the process : )

Gertrude and Tahlia on the campaign trail with the two water droplets. Later they were modelling Fairtrade fashion

Gertrude and Tahlia on the campaign trail with the two water droplets. Later they were modelling Fairtrade fashion.

Ellie Turner, geography teacher at the college who leads the CAFOD group, said afterwards, ‘We’re so pleased with how it went – it was fantastic! We’ve had really positive feedback from everyone.’

Well done to the whole team  – you were superb!

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