A Year in the Life Of…Cardinal Newman’s CAFOD Team

When asked for her favourite memory from the CAFOD year, Emily Sanders responds: “Hmmm, meeting Lemlem… Oh wait, maybe the fashion show!”

Lemlem, water engineer from Ethiopia (centre of back row) with some of the CAFOD group at Newman College

Sixteen-year-old Emily has been working alongside Cardinal Newman College’s CAFOD team for a solid few months and, like most of its members, she struggles to pinpoint her personal highlight. “The entire experience has been so rewarding” she explains “I’ve loved every minute of it”.

Gertie and Libby prepare for the Great Manchester Run

From the Great Manchester 10k Run on Sunday 20th of May to the Thirst for Change Water campaign, they have been busy raising both money and awareness. Teaming up with a fair trade charity, the group even produced a memorable fashion show (which included some very outlandish raindrop costumes!).

Raising awareness of the Thirst for Change Campaign at the Fashion Show

 It seems their key to success is an ever-enthusiastic leader – Ellie Turner. As part of the college’s Geography department, she has motivated the students to work hard, all in the name of CAFOD. “We definitely couldn’t have done it without Ellie” student James Pilkington insists “She’s taught us a great deal about numerous global issues”.

Ellie Turner (front row, blue dress) with members of the CAFOD group

Passionate mentors aside, what exactly inspired the youngsters to join such a charitable team? “I started attending CAFOD meetings to complete my Duke of Edinburgh award,” shyly admits Libby Margerison. “I never realised it would be so fulfilling. It has really opened my eyes…I’ll never take water for granted again!”

Similarly, Tahlia Cooke says “I initially joined CAFOD for the sake of my university applications. I’ve had a great time though and I hope to continue helping the charity for many, many years to come”.

Roisin leads part of a water workshop the CAFOD group presented at Our Lady’s Catholic High School in Preston

The devotion of the Cardinal Newman team and their mentor is palpable. The co-operation and harmony between them is what makes their weekly meetings such a treat.

“We’re like one, big, dysfunctional family” confesses Eliza Hughes as they all erupt into giggles.

Helena Kelly
(Student at Cardinal Newman College, Preston)

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