World Food Day at CNC in Preston

From croissants to cupcakes, a table of free food graced Cardinal Newman College‘s Exhibition Hall on Tuesday 16th October, much to the students’ delight.

In celebrating World Food Day, the sixth form’s CAFOD team significantly helped to raise awareness of global food poverty while collecting six full boxes of treats for the local foodbank organised by the Salvation Army.

As World Food Day events were under way across Britain, the Newman CAFOD volunteers, led by Maths teacher Felicity Lang, required no money for their produce. Instead, hungry students – and staff alike – were asked for their email address in exchange for a home-made delicacy so that they could continue to support the issues around global food poverty.

Students had food items expertly painted on their faces

Donations of non-perishable goods were also encouraged. The aim of the unique celebration was to reach out to a wider demographic, publicising CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign.

“There’s nothing like free cakes to entice a crowd of teenagers!” observed long-standing CAFOD member Tahlia Cooke who enthusiastically took part in the event. Like all volunteers for the Catholic aid and development agency, she organised, advertised and even baked to ensure their food stall was a roaring success.

“It was a great fun” declares Year 12 student Poppy Sparrow “This was my first time volunteering with CAFOD and I definitely found the experience rewarding”.

In fact, there’s a whole host of new faces in the volunteer team, including co-ordinator Felicity Lang who has just started leading the CAFOD team, following the departure of her predecessor Ellie Turner. The group will, no doubt, be hoping to replicate their triumphs of last year which saw fashion shows, bake sales and charity runs bring in large sums of money for the global agency.

Helena, Year 13

A big THANK YOU to all of the students and staff who organised this event,  and to those who supported it by eating all the food! 

Stay Hungry for Change with us.

For more photos from the day go the Cardinal Newman College CAFOD Group’s Facebook Page

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