Celebrating the Feast of Life

We were treated to a dazzling performance of the musical The Feast of Life on 8th November at St Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Lancaster. The choir made up of singers from all denominations in Lancaster and Morecambe sang to celebrate CAFOD’s 50th anniversary, under the expert direction of Christine Medd. It was a truly ecumenically vibrant evening!

The Right Reverend Anglican Bishop of Lancaster, Geoff Pearson

The Anglican Bishop of Lancaster, Geoff Pearson, gave an encouraging address at the end highlighting the humble beginnings of CAFOD and urging us to continue to challenge poverty and injustice throughout the world.

In an interview with Joe Wilson on BBC Radio Lancashire he expressed how pleased he was to be part of the celebration:  “I think it’s good: the fact that there’s an ecumenical choir and there’s very much a feeling of partnership which CAFOD have always tried to do, whether they needed to help in emergencies or in ongoing development. The fact that that’s reflected in the choir and in the invitations is great.”

Fr Hugh Pollock, Chair of the Faith & Justice Commission, gave this blessing at the end of the concert:

Lord, we ask you to bless the work of CAFOD.

As Mary saw a need at Cana and acted on it, so in 1961 some women again saw the need of their sisters and brothers in the Caribbean and acted upon it. That prophetic act has inspired people to open their eyes to the situation of those around them. To lift their gaze beyond their immediate neighbourhood and recognise those who live far away as their sisters and brothers too.

CAFOD has helped to make the Catholic Church a truly universal experience for its people. Teaching us to respect and learn from each other: as Gaudium et Spes says: ‘that a just peace cannot be obtained on earth unless the welfare of individual persons is carefully protected and unless we are prepared freely and trustingly to share with each other the riches of our own minds as well as our talents.’

May we learn from our involvement, to cherish not only what we have to give, but also what others have to offer us. And as we open our hearts and minds to the problems that challenge so many in our world, make us hungry for change, and may that hunger drive us to act.

We ask your blessing on us tonight and on all those touched by CAFOD’s work, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Members of the choir

Donations on the evening amounted to a stunning £623.01

Lynne Wyre (centre) member of the choir and parishioner at St Bernadette's is joined by Patrick from CAFOD and Maggie McSherry of the Faith & Justice Commission

Lynne Wyre (centre) member of the choir and parishioner at St Bernadette’s is joined by Patrick from CAFOD and Maggie McSherry of the Faith & Justice Commission

Our thanks to all for a wonderful reminder of what we are about and who we are called to be. We had a great evening!

The full choir directed by Christine Medd


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