Hungry for Change – We can’t wait to get started

Hi! I’m Christine. I’m 23 years old and originally from Birmingham. Last year, I was part of the Step Into The Gap programme in Blackpool with CAFOD. Now I’m an assistant chaplain at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

When we heard about the Hungry for change launch conference , we decided it was a great event to bring some members of the school’s CAFOD group to. Part ‘thank you’ for all their hard work and part inspiration to bring Hungry for change into the school this year.

So Mollie, Matthew and I got up bright and early (5:30am!) and made our way to Westminster Cathedral Hall in London for the conference.

Mollie, Matthew and Christine

The launch was a fantastic day! The three of us really enjoyed taking part in the unseasonable picnic on the piazza (even though it was a bit cold!) and being a public witness to the work of CAFOD.But the best bit was chatting to other CAFOD supporters about previous campaigns and sharing ideas of how to spread the Hungry for change message.

The Hungry for Change picnic in London

The Hungry for Change picnic in London

We were all really surprised to learn how unjust our food system is, and the irony that it is the small- scale farmers producing our food that are the ones going hungry.

Take action now. Email David Cameron for a fairer food system >

We couldn’t wait to get back to school on Monday and tell everyone everything we’ve seen and heard. The CAFOD group has been invited to give an address at a local youth Sunday Mass in two weeks, and we started writing it on the train home to include our experiences of the day.

Last year for Thirst for change, the whole school filled in campaign cards for David Cameron and the accompanying water droplets. We can’t wait to fill in the new fish, and multiply the bread at home through our families, so we’ll have double the amount of messages to send off!  We’ll take our message out to the local primary schools too and encourage them to create their own display.

For me, the CAFOD group is a vital part of our school community. Being able to live my faith by helping out the people who need it the most is very important to me. And as we have both local and global neighbours whom we have a duty to love and care for, CAFOD is a charity I work hard to support.

Therefore I’m thrilled that there’s such support for CAFOD in our school. I hope that this will continue to grow and the young people I work with will remain ardent supporters beyond their school career.

Thanks, CAFOD, for an incredible experience. We look forward to joining you in the Hungry for change campaign and letting you know how we get on!

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