Roisin and Rumaisa at the Houses of Parliament

Roisin and Rumaisa from Cardinal Newman College in Preston had the experience of a lifetime, entering into the world of politics and enjoying every minute of it, as they visited the Houses of Parliament with CAFOD.

Here, Roisin tells all….

IMG_0417 Roisin WherryWhat was the highlight of your stay in London?

Having the chance to meet the MP for Preston and being able to tell him everything we learnt and give him a piece of our mind!

What inspired you?

The passion of all the people at the event, the young people who were also meeting their MPs and all the people who worked at CAFOD, to keep making change.

Did you find any of it challenging?

I thought I’d find it difficult to talk to the MP but it was actually very easy as he was very nice and passionate about international development himself.  I also found it difficult to handle the 6am start on the Wednesday!

 Rumaisa and Roisin 1

Did you learn anything new?

I learnt a lot of new things about Parliament…….like I didn’t realize how big it was or how stuck in traditions and rituals it is! I also learnt a lot about the IF campaign, for instance I didn’t realize how many organizations are involved in the campaign.

IF logo

Did anything surprise you?

It actually surprised me how interested the MP was in what we were discussing and how much he listened to us. I was also surprised that certain companies control most of the food market.

Great Generation pic

Why do you think young people should speak up against injustice?

Because we cannot stand and watch a large proportion of the earth go hungry or thirsty because morally that would be so wrong. Young people particularly should speak up because we can get our voices out to so many people, such as our college community and we have so much power to make a difference. I really think that within our time we really could see the world totally change.

Rumaisa and Roisin in HoP

What’s it opened your eyes to?

The scale of the food problem and how complicated the food system actually is. It has opened my eyes to how important long term international development is and not just short term aid.

Roisin and Rumaisa are going to continue their conversation with their MPs and be involved in a campaign event at college, working with the CAFOD group there.  Watch this space…..

R and R 3

Thanks to Roisin and Rumaisa for being such brilliant ambassadors for Newman College and for inspiring us all.

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