Sierra Leone for Sarah

Sarah pre-travel 1So, despite having the most beautifully organised Filofax known to man, the news that Sierra Leone is less than a week away still hit me like a brick wall when I was reminded of the date recently by another member of staff. I’m not sure he was prepared for the outburst of excitement that followed!

Luckily, although it appears to have snuck up on me, my trusty Filofax has ensured that I am prepared in every way I can be thus far. The OCD in me has led to excessive list making, I know the rest of my expedition team will be jealous of lovely colour co-ordinated snippets of delightful planning; clothes to pack, things to buy, vaccinations to take, people to contact for necessary farewells (any excuse for a social!). I’m loaded up with prayers galore, well wishers blessings and ‘things to discover during my time overseas’ – the primary school students I’ve been working with are particularly adamant that I must find out whether the children in Sierra Leone know Gangnam style, of course if they do not, it is my duty that I teach them, I guess I can only hope!

My suitcase is already looking to be bursting at the seams. Being a girly girl I am still convinced that my Sarah pre-travel 2hair straighteners fall under the ‘essentials’ bracket… I’m trying to talk the rest of the team into believing it means I will not need to pack an iron as it will double up as one should I need a quick outfit refresh.

Itineraries arrived this week and I look to be destined to meet some really exciting people, visit some really exciting places and witness some really exciting projects. I can’t wait to work alongside our CAFOD partners in Sierra Leone and be a part, if only for a short time, of a community that is so different to anything I have ever experienced before.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been so incredibly supportive so far; for your offerings, for your prayers and for all the insect repellant! It has been so very appreciated.

Thanks too to those at St Mary’s who have helped us with preparations, especially our ‘Activate’ social justice group who have been hard at work creating beautiful gifts since… well as far back as I can remember.

Beautiful bracelets made by students of the Activate Group

Beautiful bracelets made by students of the Activate Group

Of course I shall do my best to keep you all up to date with all that I am up to.

Until then… Eeeeeek! x

One thought on “Sierra Leone for Sarah

  1. We hope you have a fabulous time in Sierra Leone. Enjoy the trip! We are looking forward to hearing all about your experiences on the blog. Be assured of all our prayers from Mr Lord and all of class 6L at St John Vianney Catholic Primary school in Blackpool.

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