St Teresa’s Feast of Talents

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School in Cleveleys celebrated the fruits of their talents recently as they reflected on their magnificent achievements for CAFOD in a special school assembly.


During the season of Advent the whole school considered the Parable of the Talents which Jesus told, about a master who handed his servants each a number of talents before leaving them.  On his return the master checked what the servants had done with the talents entrusted to them.  Two of the servants had doubled the value of their talents and the master was pleased that they had used their talents to good effect.  But one had hidden his talents and hadn’t made the most of the opportunity given to him. The master was less than impressed with him.

The children at the school were each given a ‘talent’ of £1 at the start of Advent and invited to look after it in the same way that the servants in the story were asked to do so.  In St Teresa’s case, the talents just grew and grew and grew!


Some children used the money to buy ingredients to make cakes and then sell them at school.  Some washed cars.  Even the staff joined in and brought in home-made soups and delicious food to share in the staffroom.

Every class raised in the region of £100, making a stunning total of over £750.


Each class then carefully decided how they would like to use their talents and chose a number of CAFOD’s World Gifts, including school starter kits, chirpy chickens and water supplies for families.

Some special certificates were awarded to the children at an assembly where Mrs Yates, the headteacher, reminded the children that in caring for others they were doing God’s work.  What a brilliant way to be doing God’s work!  We prayed for all the children across the world whom they had helped and for those still in need.

The children with their certificates

The children with their certificates

Well done the children (and staff!) of St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School!  Thank you to you all. It was a joy to share the fruits of your talents – they made everybody smile.  Thank you also to all of the parents for their fantastic support.


A proud day for St Teresa’s and a happy one for our extended family overseas.


The gift of water is very precious

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