Fairtrade Fun on St Valentine’s Day

IMG_6566The Beaver Scouts from Fulwood, Preston had a treat in store when students from the CAFOD Group at Cardinal Newman College in Preston led a workshop with the boys on Fairtrade.

Each part of the session was devised and led by a different student from the college.  We started by considering that sometimes we can’t all get what we want or need and that IMG_6545sometimes we need a little help.  College student Raeesa led us through this as we played a game unwrapping sweets (in a very short space of time), but some were wearing thick woolly gloves and found the task tricky!

Making a Valentine’s Day card was the next task.  Led by Natasha, the boys were formed into a production line and gradually produced some very attractive and sparkly cards.  The surprise came afterwards when IMG_6627Natasha ‘paid’ them for their work (in chocolate!) and those who did the least work got the most chocolate, whereas the ones who didn’t do very much at all got lots of chocolate as a reward.  Not very fair…..

Artur then led the boys into an exercise where they IMG_6659learnt that our food comes from all over the world: tea from Tanzania, honey from Guatemala; sugar from Malawi.  The boys did a great job in finding where these far away places are!

Finally Fatima led the boys into looking at the Fairtrade logo and deciding first of all what it was – was it a man waving, or a bird?  And then pointing out what it means – a sign that the food has been produced fairly.


The team from Newman College were great leaders and the Beaver Scouts were eager and willing learners!  With Fairtrade Fortnight round the corner, the boys will be eagled-eyed looking for the logo when out shopping.

Fairtrade logo

We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did – huge thanks to the Beaver Scout leaders for their support.

We all had a great time!

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