First days in Freetown

A quick update from our intrepid travellers: all’s well and they’re fully briefed ahead of their schedule starting tomorrow.

Here are all of the gappers and the two group leaders outside of the CAFOD office in Freetown with Dennis Momoh, CAFOD programme communication administrator for the Mano River Region.

Gappers and group leaders at office

I hear that after a long day’s work, they have all just gone to the beach for a drink!  Sounds good to me.

The hard work starts tomorrow though as they travel to their respective destinations to experience a different perspective of Sierra Leone.

More to follow….



9 thoughts on “First days in Freetown

  1. Hey it must be great to have finally arrived. Wishing you all a fantastic next few weeks in Sierra Leone. Can’t wait to hear your stories. A special ‘hi’ to Iona and Sarah 🙂

  2. Hope you have a safe journey tomorrow. (Sarah don’t forget the sea bands I think you are going to need them!!!).We are looking forward to hearing your adventures over the next few weeks. Love and prayers xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Brilliant to see a picture of you all and to know you are safely there. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy, enjoy….Lots of love and prayers. Mary and all at CAFOD Salford XX

  4. Fantastic! So good to see you all in the sunshine. It is cold and foggy here in London. We can’t wait to hear more. Love and prayers Catherine

  5. You are in our thoughts and prayers Sarah. We spent two and three quarter hours last night at St. Rose watchng the film, Into the Great Silence. Plenty to reflect on. Looking forward to reading news of your adventures. Love from Char and me.

  6. Good to get news from Freetown. I had good friends in Sierra Leone. If you get news from a Father Sheku Kanneh, who did his studies in Rome and then helped out in Birmingham when our community was still at Sir Harry`s Rd, could you let me know. Sr Evelyn Thompson Very best wishes Sr Evelyn

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