Preston Ladies are Hungry for Change

The Ladies’ Group at St Gregory’s Parish in Preston spent an evening sampling food from BangladeshPicture1 and Kenya as they enjoyed an Emmaus Meal together.  They listened to Sabita’s story from Bangladesh and heard about Emily’s situation in Kenya – and reflected on the challenges these ladies face in their daily struggle to provide food for their families.

ShahzaadLocal Tandoori Restaurant, Shahzaad’s in Preston, generously supported the event by opening up their kitchens to CAFOD staff.  Under the watchful and expert eye of the resident chef, Patrick prepared a tasty potato curry and chapatis for the ladies.  Part of the evening involved sampling the local dishes from Bangladesh and Kenya.

Although some of us were initially a little cautious, we were all impressed by the culPotato curryinary delights prepared for us.  Huge thanks to Shahzaad’s for their generosity and support.

Following the food, the Hungry for Change campaign was outlined in the context of the wider IF campaign.

St Gregory's Ladies GroupSome ladies have booked their places to travel down to London with us on Saturday 8th June for the mass mobilisation around the IF Campaign ahead of the G8 Summit.

The discussion was fruitful and the empathy felt from our Preston ladies for those in Bangladesh and Kenya was clearly strong!

Thank you ladies of St Gregory’s Preston for the warmth of your response and support.

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