Lucie does her homework for CAFOD

Lucie, a year 6 pupil at Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School in Blackpool raised a tremendous £350 for CAFOD – and it all started with a piece of homework!

Her class teacher, Mr Williams, led a lesson about the work of CAFOD and asked the children to do some further work about it at home.  When Lucie looked deeper into the work CAFOD does she decided to respond to the poverty she saw by doing something positive.

Lucie, with Kathy Smith, her granny, and Mr Williams her class teacher and Miss Heggarty

Lucie, with Kathy Smith her granny,  Mr Williams her class teacher, and Miss Heggarty her headteacher

She knew that Family Fast Day was coming up and together with her Granny and Grandad, she agreed to fast and to raise some money for CAFOD.

Everyone supported Lucie!  Lucie’s mum got support through her work;  Lucie’s school: her friends and teachers sponsored her; and her parish, with brilliant support from Fr Geoff at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church, also encouraged her.

Makuu, from Kenya

Makuu, from Kenya

At a special school assembly, everyone spent some time thinking about food and hunger and how lucky we are to be able to choose what we have for breakfast.  We looked at the story of Makuu in Kenya, who now eats healthily and goes to school and plays like lots of children here – now that he grows his own food.

We are very proud of Lucie, and she was awarded a special CAFOD badge to mark her great achievement. What a star!

Thank you Lucie – and to everyone who supported her.

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