The United Nations comes to Lancaster

Naomi, Year 12 student from Our Lady’s Catholic College in Lancaster writes…..

On Friday 1st of February our school, Our Lady’s Catholic College in Lancaster hosted a UN ‘Day with a Difference’.


We were split into fourteen groups and each group represented a country. Each group elected three of its members one to be a President, one a Vice President and the other a Chief Advisor. I was chosen to be the President of Malawi.

mill dev goalsEach country was given one of the eight Millennium Development Goals to support and had to develop a persuasive presentation on the topic. The aim of the presentation was to win support from the assembly as a whole and eventually all the ‘countries’ had to achieve a consensus as to which goal would receive funding to implement. Although it was difficult to reach a consensus, reducing child mortality was eventually voted as the most deserving goal.

The day was fun. We were treated like actual delegates and referred to as such by everyone throughout the day.

We debated interesting topics and shared several different points of view with the other delegates. We were able to experience debating scenarios such as real ministers do as part of their daily working lives.


Some found the process stressful and scary, especially speaking up in front of friends and sharing our beliefs and ideas. It really was a rewarding day putting forward our own passionately held views, listening to others, having to compromise and work towards agreement.

photo a

Some of us were so inspired by the day’s events that we want to pursue a career that works towards improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

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