Hungry for Change in Poulton

Capture  St John’s Catholic Church in Poulton-le-Fylde hosted a wonderful Hungry for Change evening, which opened with a liturgy led by the Chaplaincy Team from St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool, together with students from the school’s Faith & Justice Group Activate and the SVP group.

Those who came along included friends from the local Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches, as well as parishioners of St John’s and families from the College.

Iona and Sarah, the resident gappers, shared something of their recent experience in Sierra Leone as part of the liturgy.

Their stories were inspiring and brimming with the promise of hope and fullness of life.   They told of Iona in SLpeople they met and programmes backed by CAFOD they saw, witnessing the difference that good development can make.

The Activate Group recited their own Activate Creed.  It’s a beautiful prayer.  You can read it here

After the liturgy, CAFOD shared the Enough Food for Everyone IF Campaign. With a hint of Monty Python,  the short film What has aid ever done for anyone?  highlighted the difference aid can make.

And when asked if they’d like to rule the world, a prompt reply of ‘awesome’ came from one of the young people in the congregation! In this next short film, some mini world leaders soon realised the solution to world hunger was right in front of their noses, literally.

we need to tell them_nOn 8th June, a massive peaceful rally in London will take place to promote the IF campaign ahead of the G8 Summit.  Train seats from Preston and Lancaster are available, with further details here.

A huge ‘thank you’ to Fr John Walsh, parish priest of St John’s for his warm welcome and support; to the parish’s own Faith & Justice Group for the brilliant idea of holding this evening and for bringing it together; and especially to the young people whose enthusiasm bears witness to a faith that strives for a better world.

It was a privilege to be part of it  – many thanks.

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