Friends go one step further for CAFOD…

On Saturday, 10th August, a group of 5 friends completed a sponsored walk of 4 miles in Moor Park, Preston, raising a stunning £142.16 for CAFOD.

The group who had first heard about the work of CAFOD at their primary and secondary schools, demonstrated fantastic initiative and decided to go one step further and organise, prepare and complete a fundraising event of their own.

Front row from left to right- Courtney and Molly. Back row from left to right- Patrick, Jasmyne, Teigan, Kian and Lizzie

Front row from left to right- Courtney, Molly and Muffin the dog. Back row from left to right- Patrick, Jasmyne, Teigan, Kian and Lizzie

Kitted out with CAFOD balloons, sashes and giant fingers stating: ‘Poverty…it’s still not history. Do something about it’, the children did just that! Along with Muffin the dog, who later also attended a certificate-giving ceremony, the children really put CAFOD on the radar in Moor Park and received lots of waves of support from fellow park-goers.

Before the big walk, the children collected an impressive £142.16 in sponsorship in the space of 4 days, demonstrating exceptional motivation and commitment to helping families living in poverty or experiencing social injustices in developing countries.

With the £142.16 raised, the children chose to give a wide range of invaluable World Gifts. After listing the eight gifts below, I think you’ll agree that that’s £142.16 very well spent!

Their chosen gifts include: Chirpy chickens, Essential emergency kit, School starter pack, Village water pump mechanic, Vegetable garden,  A meal for someone living in poverty, Teach someone to read, Drought- resistant crops.

From left to right: Teigna, Molly, Courtney and Jasmyne with their World Gift certificates and 'Meal for someone if poverty' stickers

All smiles as Teigan, Molly, Courtney and Jasmyne receive the World Gift certificates and ‘Meal for someone in poverty’ stickers

For Molly, her “favourite gift is the water pump because it brings clean water to communities in poverty”. Furthermore, as the group of children return to school this September, they can be very proud that they’ve helped kit out a child overseas with pens, books and a uniform as well as covering daily meals and school fees, provided by the ‘School starter pack’ gift.

Feeling inspired? Have a browse through all world gifts on the following website: Gifts range from improving access to clean water, training and education to providing essential health care and sustainable methods of growing food to providing emergency relief.



When asked to sum up their fundraising experience in three words, the children said ‘fun’, ‘tiring’ and  a ‘great experience’.

The team’s top tip for other young CAFOD supporters and fundraisers out there is to get a good group of friends working together.

A massive thank-you to all the team for all their hard work and effort to help those less fortunate during their summer holidays- what an inspiration!

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