Harvest of Talents

logoThe latest news from Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood as their Harvest of Talents continues…….

It has been a week of ups and downs for our Harvest of Talents teams this week. After the success of our early events, some teams have been picking up momentum and starting new projects. For others, the task of putting into practice their big dreams has proved to be too much.

Unfortunately, the Staff vs Students football match and the Talent Show have had the brakes put on them this week. So two of our teams have gone back to the drawing board and are dreaming up new projects for the final two weeks of the scheme. We can look forward to film showings and chocolate sales over the next two weeks!carwash

Our bag packers have had their dates cancelled by the supermarket they were working with. But instead of letting this dampen their spirits, they have come up with a new plan in school. Over the next week, they will be washing their teachers’ cars over lunch time for the more than reasonable price of £2.50 per car. The sign up sheet for the week is full, and minus the cost of the buckets and sponges, the future is looking bright for our Y10 girls!

Our cake and candy floss crew have decided to show off their art skills, and have been hard at work making personalised bookmarks which will be laminated and sold to their peers next week. The Chaplaincy room has been a hive of artistic activity, and a good few bookmarks are ready to be sold off to willing customers.

Getting ready for the staff poverty lunch

Getting ready for the staff poverty lunch

And Jess from Y10 decided to help Miss Smith organise a staff poverty lunch for the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day. She helped Miss Smith set up a simple lunch of bread, cheese, fruit and crisps and looked after all the teachers who came for lunch. She and her friends are looking to reinvest the profits in sponges for a “soak the teacher” competition next week.

Jess B, Chloe and Lewis decided to do bucket collections to mark Harvest Fast Day. Following a successful CAFOD boxescollection, they have decided to put collection boxes in every classroom in their year group and organise a competition to see which Form Group can raise the most money over the next few weeks. The winners get a box of chocolates- well worth putting your unwanted coppers in the box!

So after some minor setbacks, our teams are working at full pelt, and with the new leaderboard displaying how much each team has raised, the competition to make the most of our talents is hotting up!

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