Rain and Shine

Thirty CAFOD supporters and two dogs braved challenging weather conditions in Knott End-on-Sea to put their faith in action.

Poulton group

The “For we Walk by faith” 5.5 mile sponsored walk, organised by Peter & Margaret Embery and Paul & Anne Bradley of St John’s Faith & Justice Group in Poulton-le-Fylde, officially started shortly after 2pm. The relentless rain and strong wind, though most uncomfortable, didn’t stop the group putting their feet forward in solidarity with their poorest sisters and brothers overseas.


Once away from the Knott End Cafe, the group, ranging from 4 years-70+ years old, marched along the headland hugging the coastline with only two things on their minds – to raise vital funds to help CAFOD tackle poverty and injustice and to have a good time along the way.

Neal, one of our Step into the Gap volunteers and Richard, long-standing office volunteer at the CAFOD office

Neal, one of our Step into the Gap volunteers and Richard, long-standing office volunteer at the CAFOD office

Stopping half way for a well deserved five minute break, spirits were that high, you wouldn’t have guessed it was pouring down with rain. Peter Embery kindly offered chocolate sweets to everyone, and those walkers who brought their own refreshments took advantage of the chance to draw breath and refuel.

B 2

As soaked as folk were in their waterproofs at the half-way stage, no-one was prepared for strong headwind they would face on the journey back towards Knott End. The wind was so strong it sometimes felt like it was a case of one step forward and two steps back. But spirits were quickly lifted with singing, led admirably by the youngest walkers, and wonderful views of the Wyre. The loop back took us along farmland tracks, lending the opportunity for photographs with cows, horses, sheep and dogs.


The aim of the walk was to stop, listen and reflect, that it actually takes relatively little to lend a hand and give a family overseas the lift they need to move towards a better future. Passing the farmyard animals seemed particularly relevant, as with £100 CAFOD can provide a family with a cow. A cow is four gifts in one for a struggling family. Its manure can help grow crops, its milk can supplement a family’s diet, plus any extra milk can be sold at market. What’s more, any calves can be passed on to help another family. Alongside the locally-sourced cow, CAFOD also provides its jabs and training for the family so that they can look after it correctly.

We stopped to say hello to the cows

We stopped to say hello to the cows

And then, with only a mile and a half to go, the weather changed to magnificent sunshine, with the warm rays guiding our path home. Damp feet were already drying, and hoods and hats were no longer required. What a magnificent walk for a great cause and with great company.


A huge thank you to the organisers, to Peter for guiding us along the right paths, to Fr John Walsh and Fr John Moriarty of St John’s Poulton, to the parish for their support, to all the walkers who gave their time, and to all who supported the event: looking after younger grandchildren during the walk, sponsoring the walkers, providing of sweets along the way……

Looking forward to the next one already!

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