Prayer vigils for the Philippines at St Mary’s

James Budzynski-Seymour, one of our current Step into the Gap “gappers” on placement at St Mary’s Catholic College in Blackpool, writes:

From Blackpool to the Philippines- prayers being offered for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan:

Straight away after half term, myself and the chaplains here at St Mary’s, Blackpool have been holding prayer vigils all week for the people of the Philippines who have been hit by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan that happened on the 8th November.

In the chapel we have shown a PowerPoint presentation, with accompanying photographs, and used the CAFOD prayer.

The Chapel at St Mary's Catholic College

The Chapel at St Mary’s Catholic College

We have had a really good response especially from our Filipino school community so far, as well as members of staff, with prayers being put up on a prayer tree and candles being lit and put on a cross.

A prayer for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan

Loving God, Father of all, we pray for our sisters and brothers in the Philippines.

We ask that, through the power of your love, you bring comfort to those who need your help. Give hope to those who do not have shelter or enough food, and give courage to those who help and support.

Loving God, bringer of life, as we remember those who work hard to rebuild, may we offer our hearts and hands to do your work, through our actions, our prayers and our love.


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