Time with Albert

Neal's new hair style!

Neal’s new hair style!

We spent 3 days with the Tissor community.  Tissor is made up of 2 communities: the old and new village, but we spent most of our time in the new village, working in the primary school and meeting and interviewing people ranging from little children to an 84 year old elder whose great grandfather founded the community.

We visited a vegetable farm with the women and the poultry and fish farming projects that CAFOD fund directly though Caritas which enables them to sell eggs and keep all profits as a community and I spoke with some of the 30 beneficiaries about how their lives have changed for the better.  More of this to follow later.

We spoke to Albert, a man whose life was affected by the war but he is now involved in every community project possible. He is the manager of the poultry farm and even though the CAFOD project will only run for 3 years, he has no doubt about it being a long term commitment for him.

Albert is also the secretary for a project called SILC: Saving Investment Lending Community, where the community come together every 2 weeks to talk about who needs to borrow money for school fees etc. They then pay back the money borrowed within 3 months with interest and invest all other money into a savings account.

Neal and Eleanor at work

Neal and Eleanor at work

It is great to see how easily these peoples’ lives can change with simple training and ideas and I am glad I have been a part of their journey.

We are visiting Tiwai Island soon, known for its dense forest down near the Liberian border and its exotic animals, so hopefully we will see a few monkeys swinging around!

Applications are now open for next year’s Step into the Gap programme. 

For more information click here.

Sierra Leone is CAFOD’s focus for Lent this year. 

Find out more by viewing our parish resourceschildren’s resources, resources for secondary schools, and young people.

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