Patrick and Joe meet Mark Hendrick MP

Mark Hendrick (Salford)


Young CAFOD supporters from Preston have given Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, food for thought at a meeting in Parliament on the issue of global hunger.

Show David Cameron you’re hungry for change

Joe and Patrick, from Cardinal Newman College, Preston, were amongst thirty-four students who met MPs and peers in Parliament in March. The national event was organised by CAFOD as part of our Hungry for Change campaign – calling on the Prime Minister to provide greater support to small-scale farmers, who are being hit first and worst by the effects of climate change.

Patrick said:

“Our time in Parliament gave us a valuable insight into how people are represented when it comes to running the country, and how the process of change for the better happens.”

The young people toured the Houses of Parliament, watched Prime Minister’s Questions, and had a private audience with the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP.

The students also took part in workshops to learn about how campaigning can make a difference to the decisions taken in Parliament, as well as how they could use the trip as an opportunity to put their faith into action.

The Rt Hon Tom Clarke MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Friends of CAFOD, said:

“In the aftermath of the international recession, the argument is ‘how do we find the money for foreign aid?’ But we have a responsibility to the poorest people in the poorest countries.

“We need to do a lot of persuading, but international development is the right thing to do. We live in a prosperous world. I’m glad that organisations such as CAFOD exist.”

For the love of everything that matters most, take action on climate change

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