Walking the Walk

Elizabeth visited the CAFOD office in Preston in June. How apt is the Romero Cross on the wall behind us! Painted by a family in El Salvador - vibrant in colour

Elizabeth visited the CAFOD office in Preston in June.
How apt is the El Salvadoran Romero Cross on the wall behind us!

We’re very excited for our friend Elizabeth Carr, who is preparing to set off to walk The Camino and in doing so, to raise awareness of and some funds for a health clinic, supported by CAFOD, in El Salvador.  Elizabeth had been planning to walk the Camino for some time, but she was inspired to add the dimension of walking for the people in El Salvador when she heard CAFOD  Step Into the Gap volunteer, James Budzynski-Seymour, speak at Mass about his experience at a clinic in El Salvador – which you can read about here

St Francis









The Camino Primitivo is about 369 kms from Oviedo so it could take around 18 days, walking 20kms per day – a challenging prospect for any walker.

Elizabeth begins her walk on the Feast of St Francis, 4 October – a fitting feast day as she reconnects with nature on the walk.

“The sponsoring has been amazing and people have been so eager to support,”  she says.  The parishes in Yealand, Bolton-le-Sands and Carnforth have all offered support, and support from outside the diocese has also encouraged Elizabeth.  These 3 churches are joining forces to raise funds to support a clinic in El Salvador.  It’s an ambitious goal, but the parish is well underway with its support and will be much helped by Elizabeth’s walk.  Read about the clinic here.

Elizabeth expressed her pre-Camino thoughts in this beautiful prayer:

Thoughts dip and dive settle and swirl
under a loving gaze ‘All will be well.’
There is a pull, a ‘come’, inside and out –
one to be with and the other to walk with…..
Mystery, grace, privilege…..
And how many a part of this!
How many make it possible!
How many has it yet to touch this Camino! The Camino!
Linked to centuries of Camino The Communion of Saints,
forgiveness for sins Resurrection – Life
– Jesus –
CAFOD – Camino – Self-emptying
Grace upon Grace!
Deo Gratias!

Our very best wishes to Elizabeth as she makes final preparations for her pilgrimage.  We hold Elizabeth in prayer now and right through her pilgrimage, and look forward to catching up with her on her return.

If you would like to sponsor Elizabeth, you can do so by contacting us at the CAFOD Lancaster office – or simply send a donation by cheque (payable to CAFOD),  with a note directing it to Elizabeth’s Camino.









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