Preston parish acts for Climate Week, 2 – 8 March 2015

St Wilfrid's Church, Preston

St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, Preston

At the start of Climate Week 2015 (2 – 8 March), the Faith and Justice Group at St Wilfrid’s Parish in Preston used the opportunity to highlight CAFOD’s One Climate One World Campaign at all Masses at the beautiful ‘hidden gem’ in the city centre.

A speaker from the Faith and Justice group reminded us that even though we might feel powerless in the face of such a massive issue as climate change, if we act together we can take steps to effect change, not only on a personal and individual level but as a community, on a global level too.

She invited parishioners to sign the One Climate One World campaign cards and the 20150301_114008~2take up after Mass was steady and supportive.

The Faith and Justice group have produced an excellent leaflet explaining the campaign, which you can download here  If you would like to use this leaflet in your own church, please contact us and we can offer you an editable version so that you can personalise it for your parish.

St Wilfrid's Faith and Justice Group

St Wilfrid’s Faith and Justice Group

A huge thank you to the members of the group for making the One Climate One World campaign accessible to the parish.  It gives us hope.


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